Why is Instagram better than other social media?

How is Instagram better than Facebook?

Instagram is better than Facebook due to many reasons. The Instagram has been owned by Facebook, but it uses the Facebook feed to get the users directly identified that their friends are present on Instagram. This feature itself is truly outstanding. There is no feature no feature like this out there. Almost thousand of different users are present that can provide the similar information like buy instagram likes is easy to track down. Instagram posts are much more topic oriented than the Facebook posts. People who don’t want to interact the post can easily move on.

How is Instagram better than Twitter?

Instagram is thousand times better than Twitter. Reason Twitter has a dull theme, and people who are using Twitter regularly can get bored by the theme. Some of the users have never switched to a different platform just for this one reason.

Above from many other points, this one was the main. Twitter lacks the correct colouring plus Instagram has more colours than the Twitter. People on twitter are very interviewing they see a post, and they start spamming like they own it. Instagram users are very polite they know what they are dealing with. If they don’t like the post, they don’t destroy the post.

They move forward. The best part of the Instagram post that it is mainly picture or a one minute video.

No one can have a beef with one minute video or a picture of a person doing what he loves. Followers on the Instagram are more loyal. They comment share and tag as many people on the Instagram posts they can. Buy Real Instagram followers can be easily done through proper channel. There are authentic followers and immediately follow the person once they have started following they won’t stop until the person has gotten the required follower. They will give their view about the post share the post and give positive feedback. Most of the times this follower even share the post on their own. They are generic and know how to address the posts.