Top Rated Instagram Account for You to Follow

Instagram is a fun place. There are people that subscribe to Instagram every day, and there are millions of them. People Join Instagram for many reasons. Each different from the other.  Some are just there to share their pictures and videos with friends, some have accounts that are business related, some are famous celebrities that like to keep in contact with their followers. They are all willing to have more and more followers to be the most famous Instagram users.

People though, look for the most interesting ones. But very less actually find such users. So, to help you all, I have collected a list of people that have Top rated Instagram profiles, be sure to follow them.

·      David SK Lee

David SK lee is a very interesting person to follow. The interesting thing about this person’s Instagram account @ferraricollector_davidlee, is his amazing collection of cars. And by cars, I mean each and every car is a Ferrari. He has from old to the newest models. There are 16 cars in his collections, and he states that by the end of 2016, the count will go up to 30.

David SK lee is the owner of the Hing Wa Lee Jewelers. He is a very humble man by nature and believes in hard work and determination.

·      Daniele Zaccone

Daniele Zaccone is also a very famous person on Instagram. He is based in Italy and stands out as a fashion icon. His Instagram account is all about style and fashion. Everything that is in his account, is just him being classy and glamourous. His account includes pictures of him and his outfit for the day. Most of the pictures are only focused on his outfit, his face is left out.

Daniele Zaccone had no idea that he would have such a huge follower base. He started just to share pictures of his daily life, but ended up having thousands of followers.

·      Alex Jimenez

Now this person is someone that’s really interesting. Alex Jimenez is one of those that inspire people. He is also known as the yacht guy. He has a passion for yachts. Even before he was on Instagram. He had a big thing for yachts. He says that he had pictures of yachts on his phone and his laptops. And not just ten or twelve pictures, so many of them, that his devices would slow down. At first, he was just a dreamer. But now, a lot of people follow him and many yacht people are in his friend list. He is an example to people that we should never lose hope and always work for what we want, until we have it.

·      Andrea Cristina

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With a large base of followers, Andrea is one of the popular ones. She is a fashion icon and a blogger. She is an inspiration to a lot of her followers. She gives you everything, from fashion and food to DIY tips. She is from Bucharest but came in the US by chance. Her family won the VISA lottery. She tried workings as an investment banker, but she says that it wasn’t where her heart belonged. Bow she has more than a million followers, she posts pictures of herself in the trendiest fashion outfits and has the background of nothings but nature.

·      Alexander Mijares

Here’s another one of the inspirers. Among the Top rated Instagram profiles, comes the profile of Alexander. He is from Miami. His has a career of a painter. And that is exactly what rose him to fame. His paintings are beautiful and are loved by all of his followers. He has acquired the love of a lot of people. He is as humble as he is famous on Instagram. He gives away a lot to the poor.

He started out his career by sheer accident. He wanted a painting or a decorative piece for his room’s wall, couldn’t afford it, so he thought of making it himself. Since then, he has been making quite amazing stuff. You can also get instagram followers today!

·      Diego Luca

Diego is a smart guy with a lot of followers. He owns the company called, Diego Luca Inc. He has his expertise in selling and managing super yachts. He doesn’t earn money from Instagram, but he has earned a lot of other things from Instagram.

When the company he worked in fell down. He promoted the lifestyle of his clients that he had dealt with before. And caught attention of people with similar lifestyles. And thus, his business started. He has contact to rich people. He sells them stuff. Simply amazing.

·      Manny Koshbin

Manny Koshbin has one of the most inspiring stories of all. Manny owns a real estate in California and is the founder and owner of the Koshbin Company. Manny has a very inspiring story. He came to America from Iran with his family when he was 14. Times were very tough for them back then. They had very less money and they barely knew English. All because the family wanted their children to have a better environment. All these hardships made Manny the man he is now.

Manny lives an amazing life. He has achieved a lot. He has a collection of 11 super cars and all of them value up to 13 Million US Dollars. And if that is not enough, there are new more cars on the way which will add another 10 Million to the collection. Impressive, right?

There are a lot of other inspirational accounts and profiles on Instagram. They share the stories of all the people that have lived a tough life, fought with the hardships and have achieved success. Be sure to follow each inspirational account you get your eyes on. Get motivated by all their stories. Someday when you have worked hard because of all the motivation you had, you might even have a story of yours to tell. Top rated Instagram profiles include many other people and stories. Many other interesting accounts are there for you to follow and things for you to see, don’t miss out!

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